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We are celebrating the Experimental NVC Week "Art of Living Together" that was held 6th time and had this year 34 participants from 10 countries - Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, UK, USA.

[redigeeri] Participants were saying:

  • "There was a sense of flexibilty, openess, emotional transparency, combined with skill and understanding of group dynamics. There was an embodiment of being human together." Jayaraja from UK


  • "what I found there is able to be of benefit in the world, a deeper sense of community and closeness and a valueing of imperfection and experiment. I feel I could bring any of my friends there and they would feel at home and welcomed." more from Jayaraja

  • "this week in estonia is a very important step in connecting with the

trust that it is possible to live in a world where everybody's needs can be recognised and heard! i got closer to my dear dream and it allows me to go back to France with a lot of inspiration and energy to build it there" Oriane from France

  • "plus that, i got a lot of healing, by being able to cry and express

who i am at each moment in a safe enviroment where acceptance and autenticity are present and it so contributes to my growth and evolution..." more from Oriane

  • andddd!!! i am still deeply moved by all the beauty i got in touch

with, from seeing each person opening up

the depth of connexion i experienced there put me touch with a lot of love and beauty" more from Oriane

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