"Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids"

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Lisaks on võimalik osta raamatut "Life-Enriching Education" ja bookleteid "Raising Children Compassionately", "Parenting From Your Heart" ja "The Surprising Purpose of Anger"

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Stop the Struggle! Find the Cooperation and Mutual Respect You Want! Do more than simply correct bad behavior—finally unlock your parenting potential. Use this handbook to move beyond typical discipline techniques and begin creating an environment based on mutual respect, emotional safety, and positive, open communication. Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids offers 7 Simple Keys to discover the mutual respect and nurturing relationships you’ve been looking for.

Use These 7 Keys to:

   * Set firm limits without using demands or coercion
   * Achieve mutual respect without being submissive
   * Successfully prevent, reduce and resolve conflicts
   * Empower your kids to open up, cooperate, and realize their full potential
   * Make your home a No-Fault Zone where trust thrives

Do you long for more cooperation and mutual respect from your kids, but are tired of the constant battle to find it? With a combined 45 years of parent education and teaching experience, the authors offer you a refreshing alternative. Activities, stories, and resources will help you immediately apply these seven keys to even your toughest parenting situations.

Learn Powerful, Practical Skills to:

   * Successfully handle disagreements or problem behaviors
   * Express yourself so you’re heard and respected
   * Transform anger and conflict into cooperation and trust
   * Motivate your kids to willingly contribute
   * Create outstanding lifelong relationships with your kid


“Many parents won’t give up punishment because they think the only alternative is permissiveness. Other parents don’t understand the long-term dangers of permissiveness, but they sure don’t want to be punitive. This delightful book shows parents how to get the best results for their children with respectful parenting tools that are neither punitive nor permissive.” - Jane Nelson, Ed.D., co-author of the Positive Discipline series

“Gandhi advised us to ‘become the change we want to see in the world.’ Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids brings this time-honored wisdom up to date with simple, life-changing exercises. Know thyself. Communicate clearly, nonviolently, with purpose and respect and that is exactly how your children will treat you. This marvelous book shows you how.” - Michael Mendizza, Touch the Future, founder of the Nurturing Project

“After decades of teaching and raising a large family, I can say with enthusiasm that Hart and Hodson have it right. This is a practical, generous, supportive, and loving book. A major help to parents.” - Nel Noddings, Ph.D., author, Educating Moral People and Starting at Home: Caring and Social Policy

“Refreshing, insightful, and informative, this book provides a long-awaited alternative to outdated parenting paradigms that are not satisfying for parents or kids. It helps parents focus on what is most important to them, and create deeper and more meaningful connections with their children. This is the best parent read since How To Talk So Kids Will Listen!” - Brenda Harari, Ph.D., HEART in Education

“Articulate, practical, fun and extraordinarily insightful, this book is destined to become the new manual in parent/child relationships. More than theory, the seven keys are real-life tools for creating more joyful, cooperative, loving interactions with our children: a must-read, must-do guide without question!” - Resa Steindel Brown, author, The Call to Brilliance

“I have practiced conflict resolution as a divorce attorney and mediator for 31 years. Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids gives me the first parenting book I can offer to clients confident that it will help heal the family pain and destruction from which they seek relief.” - Steven Allen Smith, mediator and divorce attorney

“Superbly written and easy to read, Respectful Parents Respectful Kids is a powerful and practical guide for parents everywhere. For those of you who long for more cooperation, mutual respect, trust, and harmony within the family, this book offers concrete useful tools that will help you immediately begin this transformation.” - Lisa Lifrak, MFT, marriage and family therapist


Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson are co-authors of The Compassionate Classroom and bring a combined 45 years of elementary teaching and parent education experience to their work. As co-founders of Kindle-Hart Communication, they’ve been developing and facilitating parent and teacher education workshops together for over 20 years.

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